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Carol Renyolds


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Traditionally, a wife of a Y’s Man was called a Y’s Menette and they sometimes formed an auxiliary to the local Y’s Men’s Club. Today, Y’s Menettes are women who have chosen to join a Y’s Menettes’ Club – and a Y’s Menettes’ Club today is no longer an auxiliary to a Y’s Men’s Club but is an equal partner and has its own programme to support the local Y’s Men / Y Service Club, YMCA and the community.

Y’s Menettes share the warm fellowship of an international organisation, by:

  • Participation;
  • Enjoying social activities which often involve the whole family;
  • Attending Regional, Area and International Conventions;
  • Learning of our friends and fellow members in other countries through the “Sister Club

We have 5 clubs in our Area: 4 of which are in the Maritimes Region and 1 in Jamacia. In the Maritimes 2 of our clubs are very active and 2 that are mostly inactive. The 1 club in Jamacia is usually very active but are now just getting things up and running with some projects in the making.

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Our Fliers

2023 Highlights from Fredericton Y Service Club Women

Georgine Terry, Maureen Michaud, Jan Smith Executive Director Women in Transition House and June Aucoin
We are happy to report that our Club had three major fundraisers.

Pictou County Y Service Club Women

We have Inducted a new member this year which brings our membership up to 14. We are a very active club with many projects during the year.

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Explore a world of opportunities with us. Whether you’re looking to lead a project, support ongoing initiatives, or lend a hand at events, we have a place for you. Browse our volunteer opportunities and find out how your skills and passion can make a difference.